Monthly Archives: March 2011

Fox News Commentator Shows Ignorance About American Indian Issues

Fox News contributor John Stossel said last week no group has had more help than American Indians. On a rant on Fox & Friends, he decried the concept of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, wondering why there was no Bureau of Irish Affairs or other group. He then attributes this to the fact that America [...]

Don’t Forget to Apply for Your Scholarship!

We are continuing to take scholarship applications at for fall semeseter 2011. Deadline for special scholarships is May 31, 2011. For more details about the numerous scholarships we have available, check out our website. Don’t delay! Money is available now for pursuing your college education. Help us spread the word! Tweet this or share [...]

Racism Against Native Peoples is Not Dead; It’s Not Even Sleeping

In the post-racial society that President Obama’s election was alleged to have ushered in, it’s both sad and offensive to see that the racism and cultural superiority that thrived during Victorian times is still alive and well. There have been too many instances of racism like that which appeared in this La Quinta advertisement.